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San Gabriel Seven is an instrumental Progressive Funk band with tight horns, a killer rhythm section, and great arrangements - both original and clever new takes on familiar jazz standards. We are based in the Los Angeles area but perform across the nation and regularly feature such greats as Nick Mancini and Eric Marienthal. You can buy our CDs here on our website or on most digital music outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc. 



The Love I Have For You

Featuring Jasmine Tommaso and Lorenzo Grassi 

The SAN GABRIEL 7 is a progressive funk band presenting all original music. A prolific and inventive recording ensemble, the band’s 11th album, UNDER THE STARS, features Danish singing sensation SINNE EEG. SG7 features tight horns, a first-rate rhythm section and exciting arrangements. Jazz journalist Scott Yanow says, “Throughout its existence, The San Gabriel 7 has always been funky, versatile, and creative. Sometimes the group’s ensembles have sounded a bit like a big band, or perhaps a little like Tower of Power, a rock group or bop septet. In all cases, the SanGabriel7’s musical personality shines through. ”Featured vocalist Sinne Eeg is considered the preeminent jazz vocalist in Scandinavia. She is not only a brilliant vocalist, she is also a great song-writer and the recipient of numerous awards. The compositions on this album reflect Eeg’s out-of-the-box writing style. “Much of my composing is melody driven. I might write something with a bar missing or an extra bar. I just like to keep in the flow of the melody. A song may wind up with a tricky mixed meter, but it usually makes sense because the melody makes sense. ”The San Gabriel 7 attracts so many talented guest artists because they are a high energy band of top-notch players. Presenting albums with the music chosen or written by vocalists is certainly rare, if not unique in the jazz world, but the results are eminently alluring. Any album featuring the singing and writing of the multitalented Sinne Eeg is bound to be an eleven on a scale of one-to-ten.

The two live performances are sterling. Knight is sensational on a rendition of Bettye LaVette's "When a Woman's Had Enough," as she pours everything in her singing while Gregory's solo is more in a blues-rock vein. B.B. King had a hit with Will Jenning's "Never Make Your Move Too Soon," which Knight puts her own stamp on.

The San Gabriel 7 evoke The Crusaders while Berger plays a robust, bluesy solo. "Red Dress" is an excellent showcase of jazzy-soul for Femi Knight with first-rate funky support by the San Gabriel 7.

This is a serious fusion CD. With fiery solos from trumpeter Kye Palmer, guitarist Steve Gregory and keyboardist Matt Weisberg, along with smokin' arrangements by Dave Cushman, this CD is sure to please! 

Highlights include Kye Palmer's and Steve Gregory's burning solos on "Camille's Cookin", Steve Gregory's lyrical solo on "Extreme Wattage" (reminiscent of Larry Carlton), Matt Weisberg's funky solo on "Sneakin' Out of Camarillo", and Francisco Torres' energetic solo on "Kidlette's Revenge". Throughout this CD is the solid and creative writing of Dave Cushman, who penned some smokin' horn solis expertly nail by the San Gabriel 7 horn section. This is a CD to be reckoned with. 


-Jeff Bunnell, Composer/Arranger/Trumpeter   

"The Creative interplay throughout this album between Ingrid James' captivating voice and the unique sounds of the San Gabriel 7 is really fresh and exciting. This project showcases the versatility in Ingrid's sultry smooth sound as well as her wonderful intonation and musicality. 

Throughout this great collection of music, I found the arrangements to be creative, fresh and just fun to listen to. The improvisations from Ingrid and the band are exciting and bring the music to an even higher level. This is a great collaboration between one of Australia's most talented vocalists and the unique style of the San Gabriel 7."


-Eric Marienthal, Grammy Award-Winning Saxophonist

Its an unbeatable combination - a singer who can sound like a perfectly played instrument, and a horn player who comes astonishing close to matching the human voice. Put the two together, give them material that ranges from 70's funk to boss nova to ballads and the result is quite possibly the best Australian vocal album of 2012. 

The vocalist is already well known in Queensland and is rapidly making a name for herself on the national world stage, too. She's Brisbane singer, teacher and mum Ingrid James, who's note-perfect delivery and depth of lyrical expression has elevated her into the elite of Australia's musical talents. 


-Excerpt from Steve Robertson from the Portland Observer 

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