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Lost My Heart

Lost My Heart Samples

Recorded: Tri_Tone Studios, Burbank, Ca December 2011. Talley Sherwood, Engineer
Producer:  Kye Palmer
Executive Producer:  Jim Lewis
Composer/Arranger:  Dave Cushman



Composer: Nicholas Payton Jr

Lyrics: L.Fatien

Publisher: Polygram Publisher

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Trumpet - Kye Palmer, Guitar - Steve Gregory


I’d only recently heard this tune, instantly loved the groove and thought this Nicholas Payton Jr. song would really suit the lineup of SG7. Ingrid James


70’s boogaloo, I always have liked the style. Ingrid and Steve interpret the melody as if they were one. Jonathan’s acoustic bass playing breathes life into the song. The moment this tune was selected I couldn't imagine anyone but Kye and Steve soloing. They exceeded my expectations. Dave Cushman


    “O Gande Amor”


                        Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim

Lyrics: Vinicius de Moraes

Publisher: Corcavado Music Corporation

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Trombone - Bill Watrous, Guitar - Steve Gregory


When Jim Lewis first asked me to be part of this project, he said: I don’t mind what you sing but can we please do ‘O Grande Amor’. I want to feature Bill Watrous. I’ll explain later – Bill and I have a lot of history with this song! He did explain later, but I’ll leave that to Jim.  I was delighted to sing and learn another beautiful bossa by one of Brazil’s national musical heroes and also thrilled to perform it with the legendary and inspirational Bill Watrous. Ingrid James


I originally arranged this piece as an instrumental for SG7, featuring Bill Watrous. When Jim approached me about this project, it all started with O Grande Amor. The song ends with another great solo by Bill. Dave Cushman


I have always wanted to find a vocalist to perform this tune with Bill. Jobim’s lyrics of love (originally in Portuguese) are amazingly simple but immensely profound.  In March of 2011, I was on leave from my deployment to Afghanistan in Australia for two weeks.  While driving from Brisbane to Byron Bay for a dive trip, I heard Ingrid sing a swing version of the pop tune “I’m Not In Love” on one of the local jazz stations.  My first thought was that she and Bill would be GREAT for “O Grande Amor”.  I immediately began the search for more of Ingrid’s work and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  Jim Lewis





                        Composer: Djavan, Jose Neto & Filo

Lyrics: Djavan, Jose Neto & Filo

Publisher: Edicos Musicais Tapajos Ltda.

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Alto Sax - Frank Villafranca, Trombone - Jim Lewis


Jogral can mean a non-noble Minstrel but could also mean joker or a fool in

Portuguese.  Written in 1981, it's a song from one of my favorite Brazilian composers, singer/songwriter Djavan, who has many musical influences from The Beatles to African music. Ingrid James


Partido Alto (Funky Samba), what James Brown would sound like if he grew up in Brazil. Ingrid vocalizes along with Frank on the melody. How lucky to have an ethnic music professor, Randy Drake (our drummer), who understood how to stylistically play the song. Dave Cushman


              “Hissing of Summer Lawns”


                        Composer: Joni Mitchell & John Guerin

Lyrics: Joni Mitchell & John Guerin

Publisher: Crazy Crow Music/Mad Man’s Drum Music

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Alto Sax - Frank Villafranca, Guitar - Steve Gregory


I know it's “cool” to be a Joni fan and I confess that I am as well,

but there are truly only a handful of her songs I feel I can access.  Her material is so autobiographical that I almost feel as though I'm intruding into her life by singing her material.  Not so with Hissing of Summer Lawns. This song is almost Shakespearean. It's the story of the princess in the ivory tower, the bird in the gilded cage.  It's the story of a property marriage perhaps - a marriage that stays together for some reason other than love and mutual respect.  Or perhaps just waiting for something to snap them out of their state of ennui?  I was drawn to the sadness in the lyric.  The melody and arrangement is a bonus! Ingrid James


Even funkier than the original. Steve's solo inspires the funk in all of us. What’s Rolling Stone gotta say now? Dave Cushman


              “The Goodbye Look”


                         Composer: Donald Fagen

Lyrics:  Donald Fagen

Publisher: Freejunket Music ASCAP

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Trumpet - Kye Palmer, Alto Sax - FrankVillafranca


Jim and Dave were looking for another tune and wanted something a bit “up”.

I’ve always loved Steely Dan but I know it’s very hard to mess around with their tunes, but what I like about certain songs is that they have universal messages which are sustained through ever changing societies.  When I started learning the lyrics, I realized we were not going to escape the dark, sardonic meaning behind the words about the change of regime in South America. I felt the political message in this song somewhat reflects what’s happening politically in the world today...the rules do seem to change. Maybe that’s why people can feel so lost in society.  Who can you trust these days?  Dave Cushman and I thought The Goodbye Look could be done as a samba. Of course there’s the version by the inimitable Mel Torme, but Dave’s version works a treat. Ingrid James


I have always been a fan of Donald Fagen/Steely Dan, initially drawn to them because of the incredible sidemen on the albums and later as a fan of the writing style of Donald. Jonathan and Randy provide the rhythmic pulse for Ingrid to float above. Kye and Frank both take full advantage of very short solos. Dave Cushman


              “Lost My Heart”


Composer: Ingrid James & Louise Denson

Lyrics: Ingrid James & Louise Denson

Publisher: Ingrid James

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Piano - Matt Weisberg, Guitar – Steve Gregory


This is an original song that I co-wrote with Louise Denson, a friend and musical colleague who heads up Jazz Studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia.  As a bossa, it speaks retrospectively about how relationships can often start out with such foolish pride and promises flying high.  It’s a way of looking back, remembering and learning from life’s experiences. It takes time in life to learn to be honest about the way you really feel. But losing your heart is not a crime! It’s just life and we need to experience these things so we know what feels right when it’s in front of us. Ingrid James


One of Ingrid’s original tunes. A nice Bossa with an extended horn solo that Ingrid sings along with. More outstanding solos by Matt and Steve. Dave Cushman




Composer: George Shearing/Miles Davis

Lyrics: M’Ferghu

Publisher: Chet Baker EnterprisesmLLC/Beechwood Music Coporation

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Piano - Matt Weisberg, Trumpet - Kye Palmer


While I wouldn’t call myself a bop singer, I do love bebop and hard bop and am always working on learning the language, which will take a lifetime, I’m sure. I like the way this Shearing chorus segues into Miles’ Deception. Ironically, what comes first is “Conception”— referring to the beginning of something, perhaps a relationship, marriage, or maybe even the birth of a child. Then, what follows is Miles Davis’ “Deception”...Is this the story of life, friendships, relationships? I hope not! So our arrangement ends on a positive note – back to “Conception”. Ingrid James


Fast swing, what could be better? Ingrid and Kye boppin’ along on the melody together on the head. This song is a great showcase of Matt's talent. Dave Cushman




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“Where Are You?”


Composer: Harold Adamson

Lyrics: Jimmy McHugh

Publisher: EMI Feist Catalog Inc.

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Tenor Sax - Frank Villafranca


This is a beautiful old standard I’ve rarely heard but love its haunting melody and lyric.  I was particularly inspired to suggest this song for the project after meeting an Italian sax player, Jacopetti in Padova and hearing his string arrangement. Dave then adapted it to suit the lineup of SG7, keeping the key change in the 2nd chorus up to the last bridge.  Ingrid James


An old jazz standard where I doubled the duration of each note and then set the tempo twice as fast. It’s always hard to pick favorites, but Ingrid’s performance on this will become the stuff of legends. Jim and I agree that this is one of Frank's best solos. Outstanding acoustic guitar work by Steve Gregory. Dave Cushman


Ingrid’s amazing vocal control,  Dave’s intimate supporting horn lines and

Frank’s immensely romantic sax solo make this by far my favorite tune on the  CD.  Check out the  amazing horn line half way through Frank’s solo – wow!  Jim Lewis


         “I Fall in Love Too Easily”


                        Composer: Julie Styne

Lyrics: Sammy Cahn

Publisher: Kobalt Songs Music Publishing

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Piano - Matt Weisberg, Trombone - Bill Watrous


An old and beautiful standard using the verse.  It has a lyric I think everyone can relate to.  The arrangement has been inspired by the one and only Chet Baker with an amazing solo by Bill Watrous. Ingrid James


The song starts out with Ingrid's incredible voice, a cappella. It's a jazz ballad until it goes double time for the solos. Dave Cushman




Composer: Chris Gordon

Lyrics: Sholeh Wolpé

Publisher: JRL-SGS Publishing

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Flugel - Kye Palmer, Keyboard - Matt Weisberg


Although the last song to be added to this project, Effervescence turned out to be the possible title tune (and actual tile for the CD). Written by Chris Gordon, a colleague of Jim's, it was transformed into a wonderful arrangement by Dave Cushman. The lyrics were written by Award-winning poet, literary translator and writer Iranian born Sholeh Wolpé from LA. Jim suggested Sholeh and I Skype and as we were chatting across the Pacific, I realized Sholeh was the first person in the whole project I had actually physically spoken to! Through Sholeh I felt a connection and a sense that this song could have a soul and energy of its very own even though the lyrics are saying 'goodbye' to someone special in your life. Sholeh, in her own inimitable style, suggests intention behind phrases such as "like a red song, through falling snow".  But like all good lyrics it's best for the listener to decide what personal images resonate with them. Ingrid James


This is one of Jim’s favorite. A recent re-arrangement for SG7 and Kye’s outstanding playing of the melody prompted Jim to commission Sholeh to put lyrics to it and the rest is history. Dave Cushman


I first heard this tune as a freshman Low Brass major at the University of Alabama in 1983 and immediately fell in love with it.  It originally featured Chris Gordon on flugel and Rick Aven on Tenor.  It stayed with me over the years and finally in 2006 I had it arranged by Larry Williams for SG7, but at the time we were consumed with recording our second album, Blame it on Trio, and I didn’t particularly like the arrangement.  I had Dave Cushman redo it in 2010 as an instrumental and it instantly became one of our favorites.  In November of 2011 I played this version for Sholeh Wolpé and she immediately wrote the lyrics and demanded that Ingrid sing them.  I am glad she was so persistent as it has become one of our favorites for this album.  Jim Lewis


 “Adagio of a Lonely Woman”


Composer: Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni/Horace Silver

Lyrics: Horace Silver (Lonely Woman only)

Publisher:  (public domain) /Ecaroh Music Inc.

Arranger: Dave Cushman

Solos: Tenor Sax - Frank Villafranca


I love classical music as well as jazz, Latin, funk, soul, you name it.

One day I started vocalizing along with Albinoni’s “Adagio in G minor” on my way to a gig in the car and then I could just hear a segue into Horace Silver’s “Lonely Woman”. I originally worked on the arrangement with a musical colleague back home in Brisbane, Louise Denson and performed it a couple of times, but it’s not been recorded in its entirety. So I suggested it to Dave who put some finishing touches to the arrangement and gave Lonely Woman a 12/8 ballad feel with some great hits and beautiful horn lines. Ingrid James


Ingrid vocalizes over the "classical jazz" background. Although not a solo, listen to Matt's tasteful piano playing behind Ingrid's vocalizing. The feel changes for "Lonely Woman" to a bluesy 12/8 feel. Frank bares it all and plays from the heart and soul in this solo, proving why Tenor is his main axe. Dave Cushman

 Quotes from other musicians


If this were the 50’s Jazz era, Ingrid James would be performing alongside other greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. She is by far one of three best jazz vocalists I have ever worked with.It’s time for America to know and welcome this remarkable award winning Australian jazz vocalist.  Bill Watrous





I would like to thank Jim for giving me the opportunity to work on such a wonderful project. His dream and vision of the band allows a creative collaboration with such great talent from top to bottom in score order.


Ingrid and I agreed, that along with being the vocalist, she would also be part of the horn section. I added her to horn solos and horn backgrounds behind soloists. In addition, she also sang 2 songs along with a horn doubling her melody. I think Ingrid brought a warmth and vibrancy to all the songs on the CD and it was a pleasure to work with her.


As always, my thanks go to the band for all of their hard work and dedication in getting this project done. What a privilege to work with such great talent from top to bottom in score order. Dave Cushman



I would like to thank the great Bill Watrous for his support of this project.  He continues to be both a mentor and friend to me and SG7. Jim Lewis




I would like to especially thank the visionary Jim Lewis, bandleader of San Gabriel 7 who invited me to record with his band along with arranger Dave Cushman and legendary trombonist  Bill Watrous. Meeting and working with all the musicians on the recording was such an honor and pleasure.  Thank you to producer and trumpeter Kye Palmer  together with all the musicians on this project  who played brilliantly and made me feel so welcome - Frank Villafranca, sax; Jim Lewis, trombone; Matt Weisberg, piano; Steve Gregory, guitar; Jonathan Pintoff, bass & Randy Drake on drums. Thank you also to the engineer with great ears - Tally Sherwood.  Also many thanks to Sholeh Wolpé for her wonderful company, dinners and lyrics, and to my husband Robin and daughters Laura and Kristy as well as Mum and Dad. Thanks to Louise Denson for her help in getting me ready for this project back home in Australia! Ingrid James