The San Gabriel Seven are an instrumental Progressive Funk band with tight horns, a killer rhythm section and great arrangements - both original and clever new takes on familiar jazz standards. We are based in the Los Angeles area but perform across the nation and regularly feature such greats as Bill Watrous, Nick Mancini and Eric Marienthal.
You can buy our CDs on our website, Blame It On Trio, Cottonwood Station, Lost My Heart and Blue Confluence with Ingrid James, and Crazy Notes. Not sure if you'll like the CDs? Click here to listen to selections from our CDs.

We are also available for private parties: Contact us for more information.


Its official!  SG7 will be performing at the world famous Catalina Jazz Club on Tuesday, February 7th and will feature funky new Dave Cushman selections for our upcoming album "Olympus Bound".

We will also feature the legendary Australian Vocalist Ingrid James.

This will be an AMAZING NIGHT!


Our recording plans have changed. Instead of the typical studio album, we're going to do it live in front of of you. As we are working out the details, we are rehearsing getting ready for what is no doubt going to be our best album.
Hard to believe we have sold or given out over 300 t-shirts so far. New SG7 merchandise is on the drawing board.

Stay tuned for more news regarding our live recording. Hope to see you there.


Its that time again - SG7 will be performing LIVE at Paseo Colorado on Friday, June 24th!  This time as a tribute to NASA's exploration of the planet Mars.

Come see the FREE concert under the stars at one of LA's best outdoor performance venues!



Big news everyone!  SGS has begun recording their next album!
We are taking our time, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Ha ha..
But, we are seriously excited about it.  We've recorded three songs thus far, which are sounding great!  We should be in recording the next batch in not too long.  Thanks for tuning in!


SGS recently released 2 singles, in partnership with talented vocalist, Ingrid James.
Both are covers.  One is I'm Not In Love, the beautiful 10cc tune, and the other is our unique take on
the Todd Rundgren tune, Can We Still Be Friends, cleverly arranged by Dave Cushman.
Check them out on CD Baby, here:

This ought to be enough to hold you over, until we record our next album!
We'll be recording a few tunes at a time, and will begin in April.
Get excited folks!


We finished up mixing and mastering our last recording, "I'm Not In Love" featuring Ingrid James. In the next couple days we will be releasing it along with "Can We Still Be friends." Stay tuned, or auto-tuned as the young kids call it.
Finalizing dates in March to start recording out next CD.


It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that you missed one of the best shows we've done.


Reminder -

Sunday January 24
Alva's Showroom
1417 West 8th St, San Pedro


Back in the studio...

Talley Sherwood adjusting the mic for Ingrid James

Kye Palmer & Jim Lewis

Glen Berger


We missed you!


Start the new year out right.

Free tickets!

SG7 will be performing at the legendary

Viper Room

Sunday, January 3rd

One Show, 8:00PM

8852 West Sunset, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Performing music from past and future CDs.


Call (818)468-8067 for your free tickets


SG7 is back on stage. It's been a while, a lot to tell you. First, I need to tell you the the when, where and who so you can mark it on you calendars.

Sunday, January 24, 2016
One Show Only 4:00-5:30pm
On the main stage at Alva's Showroom
(800)403-3447 reservations
Admission $20, students with ID $15

Vocalist Ingrid James is back in the states and will be performing with us along with vibraphonist extraordinaire Nick Mancini as our featured soloist. Both Ingrid and Nick are long time SG7 featured artists on stage, this will be their first time together. Don't miss it.

Stay tuned...



Tonight's the night!
7:30 Paseo Colorado.

For those of you unable to book airline tickets, hotels and  rental cars in time, you can Watch Us Live


Pull out your smartphone and make it smarter by entering this date/time directly into it.
Friday, June 19, 7:30pm
Paseo Colorado Main Stage, Pasadena
Admission is FREE!

Vocalist Dawn Bishop will be performing with us, Steve Snyder and his quartet will be opening the show at 6:00pm.


We are sorry to tell you that due to the threat of rain the show Friday May 8th has been cancelled.


We are back on the stage in Pasadena!!
Friday May 8
Paseo Colorado

Playing a couple tunes from our last CD, a couple from our next CD and a couple tunes with Jazz Vocalist Dawn Bishop.


Whew, just barely. We set a lot of goals for 2015, one of the first was to get back into the studio and start recording. It's been since 2014 we've been in the studio and that's too long.
First up was "Gone Pig Hunting." 8:03 of unadulterated funk, the kind your parents warned you about. The kind the boogeyman worries is under his bed. Absolutely killer solos by Kye Palmer and Steve Gregory. Let me say, those Grammy nominees that are awaiting the decision in a few days are lucky these solos weren't up for consideration.
The second song was a Jazzy "I'm Not In Love" for Jazz singer Ingrid James to once again sing with us.
Thanks to Talley Sherwood and Tritone Studios.

Listening to Playback.

Kye & Jim discussing how much cooler the planet would be if I used less ink when printing the music.

This is what it looks like when Kye solos.

Planning on playing here in Pasadena in February. Stay tuned for details.


Happy New Years!

We've been busy.
Writing new music and rehearsing. Tried a few experimental type music pieces (cover tunes in the SG7 style).
We are back in the studio this month to begin recording our next CD, "To Be Named Later."

Many thanks to Mark Channon for his continued support. Mark is the Jazz guy at WWUH 91.3
Mark once again had Ingrid on his radio show talking about our new "Blue Confluence" CD with Ingrid James. The show is available at

We still have CDs and Shirts left. Order now.


Still recovering from the Texas Jazz Festival.

Leaving Pasadena

Leaving LAX

Setting Up

Friday Night

Dinner Saturday Night

Kye Palmer & Luis Gasca

Long weekend.


2 weeks until the Texas Jazz Festival.


Do you have yours yet?

Show up to a SG7 gig wearing it and you get a free CD download card.


Still waiting for the CD to be finished. Don't be like us and sit waiting, order now!

July is a busy month for SG7 Birthdays. Happy Birthday to Randy Drake and James Lewis.


It's official! SG7 will be performing at the Texas Jazz Festival October 17 7PM and October 18 6PM with Ingrid James.

The SG7 instrumental CD "Crazy Notes" is being delivered to the CD duplication house this week, "Blue Confluence" is scheduled for delivery next week. Both CDs are sounding killer, order now.

"Crazy Notes is a fun set of music that I easily recommend to fans of funky jazz."
     Scott Yanow, author of 11 books.

"The fresh material, strong musicianship, and powerful yet fetching vocals of Ingrid James make "Blue Confluence" into an enjoyable and memorable listening experience."
    Scott Yanow, author of 11 books.

Discussion has begun about the next SG7 CD. More of the same or will the band take a different direction? Email us your thoughts what we should do.


Whew, all finished recording "Blue Confluence."
Now comes the Mixing and Mastering stage. Work has started on the graphics for the CD cover, pics for the liner notes being picked. Ingrid leaves, um, if I told you I'd have to... bore you to death with stories of bands on the road.

The ruff mixes already sound great. Eric Marienthal made a special guest appearance. Special is the correct word. Great playing by all the guys in the band.
And what to say about Ingrid James. Legend in the making. She'll be back in town later this year. Let me ask you... what will you say when your little child asks about Ingrid James and you have to confess you never made a performance.

People have emailed asking why don't we take comments. The next couple months the website will be re-branded. Last week the band got together for band pictures for both new CDs and promotional stuff.

Can you say Texas Jazz Festival? I thought you could.


The show is cancelled. A jazz string group from PCC is performing on the stage. We had a chance to hear them, they are good.

Ingrid is in town and starts recording on Wednesday.

Last night Ingrid performed and shared the stage with Kathy Segal Garcia.

Last Wednesday final day of fixing and mixing for our instrumental CD "Crazy Notes."


Thursday April 24 - Paseo Colorado, Pasadena
Ingrid James and SG7.

Other than that...

Back in the studio again.

As the final touches are being put on "Crazy Notes," we are working on the next Ingrid James CD, "Blue Confluence."

Jim, Kye and Glen listening to playback.

Today was horn recording day. 4 songs down, 8 to go.

Kye, Steve, Jonathan, Randy, Matt

The rhythm section has finished recording all 12 tunes.

Ingrid arrives in less than 2 weeks from Australia.

Thanks to those 3 special people that have pre-ordered "Crazy Notes."


Progressive Funk!

Talley Sherwood (Tritone Studios) is doing his magic mixing the newest SG7 CD. It's been decided that Camille's Cookin' will lead the CD off, starting with the 3 horns playing by themselves. This is by far the best SG7 to date in all aspects. Great ensemble playing, great solos!
Less than a week for day 1 of recording for the new SG7/Ingrid James CD. It will be another long day in the studio. Another month before Ingrid James and Eric Marienthal contribute to the recording.

As soon as we get done with all this recording, we will direct our energy into getting out and playing around town. Still working on Europe and Australia.


Progressive Funk!
It's a new year and SG7  has completed recording our next CD, "Effervescence".  We are currently mixing...   Look for its release in June.
Also - INGRID IS BACK!  We are in pre-production for another CD featuring Ingrid James (Produced by Kye Palmer).  Dave has been working like a crazy man arranging charts and writing new material.  The plan is to have both "Effervescense" and Ingrid's CD (not yet named) released in June - right before our European tour...
Stay tuned for more updates or go to our Facebook page for more info:

Progressive Funk.

Just because you haven't heard from us doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We have!
Finished 2 days of horn recording this last week. A full day of recording scheduled for the rhythm section on December 17 and the horns on the 19th. These will be the last 2 songs for our new CD, "Effervescence."

Progressive Funk.

Work has started on our next next CD with Ingrid James and Eric Marienthal, planning on a mid-February recording. Planning on a return to Australia September of 2015 and Europe in 2014.

Jim is returning to Afghanistan in a few days. Keep him in your prayers.

Progressive Funk, what have you heard?


Recording, 2 out of 6 completed. Not bragging or anything, but this CD is going to be Killer.

In addition to SG7 performing at Catalina on Monday 10/28, the band will be performing free to the public at:

Paseo Colorado, Pasadena Friday 10/25 6:30pm

With Vocalist Ingrid James!!


It has started!!

Recording for our 5th CD, Effervescence has begun. 1 out of 6 sessions is completed, #2 next week.

We are back at Catalina's Bar & Grill in Hollywood,

Monday October 28, show starts at 8:30

SG7 will be featuring vocalist Ingrid James and Sax player extraordinaire Eric Marienthal.


We are excited to announce…

SG7 is working towards performing at the North Sea (July 11-14, 2014) and Copenhagen (July 5-14, 2014) Jazz Festivals. 

We will be featuring Vocalist Ingrid James and Sax player extraordinaire Eric Marienthal.

Keep tuned for updates.



A nice video of our recent Australian "Lost My Heart" tour.


Hi all, lots of news…


Saturday May 11, Kye Palmer will be performing with the “Cabana Boys,” a 4 horn group out of Fullerton College, under the direction of Greg Woll. We checked them out last night and the band kicks! They played five tunes by themselves, props to the guitar and tenor players for their solos. Kye then joined them on stage and played four SG7 tunes with the band. Kye was his usual superb self.

Check them out Saturday night!!


SG7 will be performing July 6 in Chino. 2 sets of high energy funk. More details coming soon.


SG7 is doing some high level science type testing… instead of rehearsing 10-11 tunes and then hitting the studio, we are going to rehearse 3 tunes and then record them. Repeat until we have a CD or two worth of material.

Some of the new songs have so many notes that Local 47 Union rules prevent us from recording 10 tunes all at once.

SG7 is beginning to work on our 5th Album, "Effervescence".  This album will feature original intrumental tunes by Dave Cushman, Chris Gordon and possibly a tune from Kye Palmer.
Wednesday 9/19
SG7 is pleased to announce a new member to the band, Saxophone player Dick Aven. Dick plays Flute, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari and EWI.


Our "Lost My Heart" tour in Australia is almost over, bags are starting to be packed. Even though it's been almost 30 days, the time has flown by. The reception to the band, Ingrid & Bill was beyond anything we could had hoped for. We have made many many new friends, many new fans. We were lucky to have such high quality musicians (Bob (trumpet), OJ (bass), Louise (keyboard), Bruce (guitar), Ben (Guitar)) perform with us, sharing their skills and talent with us on stage.
Besides the musical performances, we had many clinics and workshops all across Queensland. Jazz Improv, Brass workshops, Sax workshops, Arranging Clinics, Jazz Band clinics, Rocket Science lectures to name a few. In ages ranging from junior high, high school, university to Army and Navy bands.
As soon as the jet-lag wears off and we become acclimated to the Los Angeles temperatures, pictures of the tour will be posted on our "Gallery" page. Until then, be sure to check out our  Facebook page. Like us and share with your friends and family.
Many thanks to Ingrid James, not only for her talent as a singer/vocalist, but also for all her hours of hard work putting this tour together, without her this tour never would have happened. I am proud to be able to say I have worked with Ingrid James both on the "Lost My Heart" CD and this tour. Total pro and class act.

What's up next for SG7?
The Texas Jazz Festival - On Saturday 10/20/2012 we are the headline act on the main stage with Ingrid James and Bill Watrous.
On Sunday 10/21/2012 *SG7* is the headline act on the main stage, playing "Music the way it's supposed to feel."
(We are hoping to have all the bugs worked out and stream live video of our performances.)

Big changes, more info on that coming soon.

In December we are planning on starting recording our 5th CD, "Effervescence." All instrumental, all funky.

SG7 with Ingrid James performance schedule for our SGS-Live streaming video page.

All times local to Los Angeles.


Friday 17 - Broadbeach Jazz Festival 11:45PM - 12:45AM

Saturday 18 - Broadbeach Jazz Festival 9:45PM - 11PM

Friday 24 - Magnetic Island Jazz Festival 3AM - 5

SaturdY 25 - Magnetic Island Jazz Festival 8:15PM

Sunday 26 - Townsville School of Arts 2:30AM

Monday 27 - Toowoomba Empire Church Theatre 3:00AM

Wednesday 29 - Noosa Jazz Festival 2:30AM

Friday 31 - Noosa Jazz Festival 9:45 PM


Thursday 6 - St Laurence's College 1:30AM

Friday 7 - Brisbane Jazz Festival 11AM

For past performances visit

Check out Jim's interview on Australian National Radio (ABC 612) with Steve Austin below.

Jim's Interview with Steve Austin on ABC

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Australia here we come!  We are set to kick off our 22 day performance schedule with award winning vocalist INGRID JAMES. See our news page for more info...

Catch our performances LIVE on the web at SGS Live!