The San Gabriel Seven are an instrumental Progressive Funk band with tight horns, a killer rhythm section and great arrangements - both original and clever new takes on familiar jazz standards. We are based in the Los Angeles area but perform across the nation and regularly feature such greats as Nick Mancini and Eric Marienthal. You can buy our CDs on our website or on most digital music outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc.  
We are also available for private parties: Contact us for more information.

Scheduled Performances:

Texas Jazz Festival - Two Shows Only - October 18th & 19th 


It happening!

We are recording another three tracks with the great 

Olufemi Knight - all original material!

You can hear the first three tracks here: 


A copy/paste from Chris Gordon on Facebook


I want to thank my friend, James Lewis, a University of Alabama Jazz Ensemble alumnus, NASA engineer, military hero, leader of The San Gabriel Seven, one of the very best jazz groups in Los Angeles, and owner of JRL-SGS Records! As I sit and listen to just how much world-class music Jim has given the jazz world, I am stunned by his recording legacy and just how significant his contribution is and has already been as he continues to sponsor, create and produce quality jazz. I include here only a sample of the diversity of The San Gabriel Seven’s recordings and the JRL-SGS Records catalogue! Thank you Jim for making great music!!…/into-the-groove-feat-e…/898475866…………/a…/the-next-best-thing/1462948494………………/this-christmas-feat-l…/1443948142……/…/funky-monkey-business/887959266…


Buy some of this group’s music and support independent jazz!!



Olufemi Knight & SG7



Olufemi Knight & SG7

Just finished a week in the studio with Singer/Songwriter Olufemi Knight and Producer Chris Gordon.

Soon to be available online.

These songs could cause extreme heart palpitations, those with Pacemakers are warned to listen with care.


Camille's Cookin' Video


Camille's Cookin'



Just in time for Christmas, SG7 is releasing it’s “Cool Yule” long anticipated Christmas “online only” CD.

A slight departure from the usual SG7 Progressive Funk, “Cool Yule” is a collection of Christmas songs for mass consumption.

Musicians –
Kye Palmer – Trumpet & Flugel
Glen Berger – Alto & Tenor Sax
Alex Budman – Alto & Tenor Sax
James Lewis - Trombone
Steve Gregory – Guitar
Matt Weisberg – Keyboard
Jonathan Pintoff – Bass
Randy Drake - Drums

With special help from vocalists -
Daisy Thomas, Loren Smith, Antonio Barton, Hillary Novak and Ingrid James.

White Christmas
The Christmas Song (featuring Glen Berger)
This Christmas (featuring Loren Smith)
Silver Bells (featuring Kye Palmer)
Frosty The Snowman (featuring Daisy Thomas)
Christmas Time Is Here (featuring Jim Lewis)
Merry Christmas Baby (featuring Hillary Novak)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Merry Christmas Darling (featuring Ingrid James)
What Christmas Means To Me (featuring Antonia Barton)
Sleigh Ride

We are in the mixing stage of our next Progressive Funk CD, Mars 2020.


We're Baaaaack!

We've been busy, very busy.

Before I forget, we're playing Vitello's in October.
Call and make reservations now!

We are in the studio next week mixing our long anticipated Christmas album.
This isn't the typical high-energy Progressive funk you have come to expect from SG7,
this is a collection of styles to showcase the band, the players and our guests.
We invited 5 different singers to share their talent with us.

We have recently finished recording and soon to be in the mixing stage of our new CD "Olympus Bound."

We also recorded 3 songs with vocalist Antonia Barton

Without a doubt you missed one the best SG7 shows in modern history!

Let me share a few pictures from Friday night...

This is how it starts

Setting up with Vocalist Antonia Burton, Jim Lewis, Kye Palmer and Randy Drake

Kye Palmer, Dan Boissy, Jim Lewis, Steve Gregory, Chad Edwards, Jonathan Pintoff, Randy Drake

James Lewis

Randy Drake, Kye Palmer, Jonathan Pintoff, Dan Boissy, Chad Edwards

The Merchandise table.
We have new shirts, order yours today.

Vocalist Antonia Burton

Vocalist Antonia Burton

Lauren Chu, Bari Sax

Austin Drake, Flugelhorn

During the performance, a beat was dropped. After the gig the band worked together to find it.