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Time To Stay


Andrea Miller - All Vocals

Steve Gregory - All Guitars
Chad Edwards - Keyboards, Hammond B3, Grand Piano
Chris Gordon - Grand Piano, track 5, Keyboard, track 9
Jonathan Pintoff - Bass
Randy Drake - Drums
Scott Breadman - Percussion

Kye Palmer - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Glen Berger - Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophones
Jim Lewis - Trombone
Alex Budman - Baritone Saxophone

Arranger - Dave Cushman
Producer - Chris Gordon
Co-Producer - Chris Fryar, track 5
Executive Producer - Jim Lewis
Recording Engineer - Talley Sherwood
Mixed - Talley Sherwood and Chris Gordon
Mastered - Talley Sherwood
Recorded at Tritone Studio, Glendale, CA
Graphic Design/Layout - Jen Muse
Photography - Dave Cushman

Copyright 2021 JRL-SGS Records, Los Angeles, CA

               1. DANCE

What can I say, attraction is where it all starts….especially on the dance floor. There is nothing like the moment when a great song with a great beat starts playing.  People express themselves in so many ways through music. This song expresses the excitement of “Music rollin in the crowd so loud, hopin that woulda done Mary proud” and losing yourself in the song. Andrea Miller


This song is expressing the joy and excitement of meeting someone you completely click with, and the equally exciting anticipation of what might come of that meeting.  For some reason, you are not able to stay together to have a chance at what could transpire.  The song is about the urgency of wanting to have that time to check out what could be between two people.  Some people never luck out on meeting the right person, so when a chance encounter happens, it’s worth everything to give it time. Andrea Miller


In Oregon the end of summer is marked by leaves starting to turn color and fall, each day not quite as hot as the day before, and the realization that school/college/work is about to resume.  This song is about that feeling you get when you meet someone and there is an immediate spark.  It is intangible, but recognized and felt by two people who pass each other on a street during the end of summer. All you wish for them to do is stay through the fall. Andrea Miller


I love all types of music, from classical to rock, funk, reggae, jazz, blues, you name it.  I wrote this song about someone I was living with who played hard rock guitar, all day every day.  Late at night, however, when he thought I was sleeping, I would hear the sweetest and most soulful Stevie Wonder tunes played so quietly I could barely hear them, coming from the bedroom.  This was the time he played the music that I loved the most.  It’s so wonderful to embrace all facets of a person, their interests, like and dislikes, whether or not they are your own.  Andrea Miller


Yes, it can be and often is.  Love is also and more often, the most beautifully overwhelming feeling possible.....and worth fighting for in the best way.  Relationships come and go, but a rare and amazing one is worth keeping.  It will undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but just because it may be painful does not mean it needs to end.  If two people want it to work, they can respect and care for one another through the tough times.  To find a love so special is such a gift and worth every second of joy and pain.  Chris Gordon


“Until then, I will have to let you go and be thankful for the love that you showed”. Sometimes we find the love of our life very early….and never find another close to it. The bar can be set so high that we continue to search....waiting until then….until we find that again….we can’t settle knowing what we’ve known and felt before…a horrific car accident can happen just after we take a “break”…..nothing has been the same since…but there is always hope until then. Andrea Miller


This song is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and says.  I think we’ve all been there at one time or another, and we know when to leave (sometimes with a dramatic exit, but hopefully not). Andrea Miller


“You’ve given me so much, that now I got so choice but to sing”. I wrote this song to celebrate love and enjoying being with another person so much that you could burst with happiness. Of course there is the implied meaning of what happens when the lights go down, but the song is really more about the reality of being with the right person….and of course all that entails (yes, in the dark too). Andrea Miller


Love can be magically beautiful and achingly painful, like polar opposite feelings of extremity.  As much as it fulfills and elevates you when you are in love, losing that person can be absolutely devastating, leaving you with an emptiness you did now know existed. Andrea Miller


Sometimes after finding love, you realize it doesn’t always work the same way as when you first discovered it together with someone.  As hard as you try to fix a problem or change an outlook or expectation, nothing works and you don’t know why.  Ultimately if you love someone enough -  and yourself, as well - you have to “take time to make time”.  Taking time can be a good thing in order to gain perspective and come back together later if it is truly meant to be. Andrea Miller


I grew up in Salem, Oregon near the outskirts of town with a flowing creek and thick forest trees all around, just off River Road. I was young and experiencing my first relationship with someone who did not celebrate me, but instead made me doubt myself.  These lyrics came to me while sitting in a skate park in a car. I had ended the relationship and was reflecting back on what had happened, and more important, what was to become of me in the future. Andrea Miller