Like the record...
Trumpet/Flugel, Sax (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Flute), Trombone, Guitar, Rhythm, Bass, drums.
Parts and score will be emailed as PDFs.

Chop Check $20
   from our CD "Chop Check"
Quarter Note = 86 Funk ala Tower of Power.
Starts with funky guitar comping to set the grove. The tenor sax starts his solo with a number of held chords leading into a 2 measure break where he sets the tempo. Sax solos through a couple chords, couple different backgrounds. Unison lick for the band leads into a screaming guitar solo. Back to the melody and the bridge before a key change to the end.

Annie Speaks $20
   from our CD "Blame It On Trio"
Quarter Note = 68 Pop-Funk Ballad
A ballad featuring the flugelhorn, mostly written, a short ad-lib at the end.

The Bone Specialist $20
   from our CD "Blame It On Trio"
Quarter Note = 84 Easy Funk
A funky trombone feature. The trombone and tenor sax play together on a tricky bridge. Trombone solo.

You're Burnin' Man $20
   from our CD "Blame It On Trio"
Half Note = 94 Samba
Samba, in 2. The melody is played by guitar, flute and trumpet with harmon mute. Flute switches to Alto Sax. Tutti sections with drums fills. Open solos.

Cottonwood Station $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 84 Smooth Jazz groove.
Gmi9 C9, Soprano sax plays the melody. Soprano is featured throughout.

Phat Sushi $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 82 Funky
Starts with funky guitar comping. The horns play the melody with the alto & trombone playing the fills together. The horns play the melody on the bridge as the rhythm sections plays hits, leaving space for the horns. Open solos. Horns play the melody and bridge again before a key change into a sax solo vamp and ending.

And Daisy Makes Five $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 83 Bossa-ish
The melody is played individually by each of the horns and the guitar before the tune ends. The melody stays the same as the groove morphs into something funkier. Soprano sax ad-lib.

AKH Puppy $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Half Note = 104 Fast Swing.
It starts with the horns playing the melody between hits from the rhythm section. The bridge swings hard as the piano fills between horn hits. Horns over swing tome to the sax solo break. A short drum solo before the horns and guitar play a soli together. The rhythm section joins in, to the bridge. Key change builds to the end.

Funkfully Yours $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 124
Funky. The song is made up of 6 measure phrases, bass plays the first 6 by himself. The bridge is one of those old school 8 measure phrases before back to 6 measures when the trumpet solos over the bass. Now measure phrases for the guitar solo. One last 6 measure phrase before the 4 measure sax solo. Short shout section to end the song.

Reseda Fire Road $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 80
Funky 16ths. The intro is played by the horns and the bass impersonating the 4th horn, very challenging for the bass. The guitar plays the melody, the 2nd time the alto joins in. Horns together for the bridge. Guitar and alto solos.

Stealin' My Money $20
   from our CD "Cottonwood Station"
Quarter Note = 152
Rockish 8th feel. Guitar & bass play bass line together. Lots of tutti (unison) figures for the rhythm section. Open solos. Horn soli. DS to end.

Camille's Cookin' $20
Quarter Note = 97 Funky 16ths
Starts with the 3 horns acapella stating the melody, the rhythm section joins in. It only gets harder on the bridge, horns together as the rhythm section plays a tutti rhythm. Open solos. A short drum solo leading into the acapella horn soli. Key change for the melody and bridge to end.

Chloeology $20
Quarter Note = 68 Ballad
Pretty ballad featuring the flugelhorn. After a short intro, the piano plays a 16th pattern behind the flugel. A little Tenor melody before the Flugel ad-lib. A couple more rubato measures before the ending.